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“Ms. Ashley, I wanted to shout you out on the radio last night because you truly inspire me not only as a model but as a woman you carry yourself with power and confidence and you do so without tearing others down. 


I really look forward to working with you more. I feel that you have contributed to my growth and I know you will continue to push me. Once again thank you.”


 “I asked for an intro, but you made me feel like we were in the movie Coming to America or Wakanda!


I loved every ounce of it: The performance, the late night talks and even the pressure — because it produced a DIAMOND!!!!

You and your work is a force to be reckoned with.... thank you thank you thank you!!”

—Runway Client


“You’ve added so much value to my life. I’m grateful for every opportunity that you present to us.”

“Ashley is the absolute best. Professional, beautiful and a joy to work with.”


“As gorgeous as she is her personality is even more so. The baddest runway slay and professional model walk ever. She definitely needs to open a school. I’ve personally watched her take a large group of models and taught them runway skills in less than an hour, while building their confidence and inspiring them at the same time. Don’t think she realized we were watching in awe.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this young lady in action. I love the fact that she’s not selfish and shares advice with her peers. Continue being great ‘A Rose.’”

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