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Positively Motivated by A Rose

"Positively Motivated by A Rose was NOT intended to make a 'fashion statement.'"

with high school students at Maplewood High School in Nashville, Tennessee. This idea was a new opportunity to communicate her empowering message of self-affirmation. To spread her initiative of self-love and positivity to the youth in her community, Ashley launched Positively Motivated by A Rose. 


shley, rooted in love and empowerment, had

 n epiphany in 2019 when she connected

This t-shirt line was created to affirm you from the inside, NOT to look good on the outside or for others, but rather to promote positivity and build self-esteem within. Regardless of what your outer appears looks like, you should feel good on the inside. You are whole and exceedingly ENOUGH all by yourself You don't need bright colors, neon lights, glitter, glitz and glam to be beautiful. You are enough just as you are. Your raw unfiltered self is ENOUGH, WORTHY, VALUABLE, BEAUTIFUL, MOTIVATED, DETERMINED, STRONG, CONFIDENT and UNSTOPPABLE!

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